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Be sure that this examination has 10 pages including this cover The University of British Columbia Sessional Examinations - December 2005 Mathematics 100/180 Differential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering Closed book examination Time: 2.5 hours Print Name Signature Student Number Instructor’s Name Section Number Special Instructions: No calculators, cell phones, notes, or books of any kind are allowed. Show all calculations for your solutions. If you need more space than is provided, use the back of the previous page. Where boxes are provided for answers, put your final an- swers in them. Rules governing examinations 1. Each candidate should be prepared to produce his or her library/AMS card upon request. 2. Read and observe the following rules: No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one half hour, or to leave during the first half hour of the examination. Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators, except in cases of supposed errors or ambiguities in examination questions. CAUTION - Candidates guilty of any of the following or similar practices shall be immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action. (a) Making use of any books, papers or memoranda, other than those authorized by the examiners. (b) Speaking or communicating with other candidates. (c) Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates. The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall not be received.
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