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APSC 150: CASE I LAB 1-1 ASSIGNMENT #1: Professionalism and Sustainability in Engineering Practice (4 marks total) All exercises are due as per the instructions from your tutorial instructor. Getting Started In your future Professional practice, exactly how will you respond to society’s requirement that Engineers hold paramount the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and the protection of the environment (not to mention client specifications respecting the triple bottom line!)? The exercises in this assignment will enable you to build an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of engineering work develop a working definition of sustainable development that is meaningful to you. think about and critique how some of today’s engineers are applying sustainability concepts in their practice. begin to apply sustainability concepts to building design. Reading required prior to the tutorial session: 1. Chapter 2 in Dunwoody et. al. Fundamental Competencies for Engineers, Oxford University Press, Don Mills, 2006. * Have a close look at section 2.2 and read table 2.2 carefully. * Read the first paragraph in section 2.4 and make sure you can identify the basic groups of micro-ethical issues identified in section 2.4. * Read the first paragraph of section 2.5 and all of section 2.5.1. Don’t worry about memorizing facts, but do concentrate on understanding why sustainable development is important in engineering practice and how sustainability ideas are being put into
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RelativeResourceManager - APSC 150: CASE I LAB 1-1...

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