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Unformatted text preview: L* 4. Calculate the concentration of the acid from the relationship number ofmoles volume (L) Molarity = ti 5. The Ka for a weak acid HA <=> H+ + A‘ is given by the equation = IH+1[A-] {HA1 8 Since for every molecule of HA that ionizes, one H+ ion and one A' ion are produced, [H] = [A‘]. Therefore, K... = [H+]ZI[HA] The [HA] term here represents the HA molecules left over after ionization has occurred; it should therefore be calculated by subtracting the [H*] from the total [HA] as obtained from the titration data. In many cases, however, you will find that allowing for this ionization does not make a significant difference to the answer. Calculate the value of K5I for your acid as outlined in the above discussion. Kit 1 (ft-fl] ( ft m] . mam’ilf, 0‘0 fit : {‘97,st mm 1. A certain soft drink was analyzed and found to contain 0.080M H”. Other ingredients of the drink include sugar or, in the diet form of the drink, an artificial sweetener. What property of this acid solution is overcome by using sugar of sweetener? 501w JmHe: ...
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