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EE 110, Fall 2009, Homework #2, Due October 15, 2009 Problem 1: Figure 1(a) shows a voltage source, v(t), applied to a linear, time-in- variant, electrical network that potentially contains independent sources, resistances, inductances, and capacitances (no trans- formers or dependent sources). Figure 1(b) shows steady state measurements ob- tained for the set-up shown in Figure 1(a). Determine at least one circuit (i.e. determine what could be inside the electrical network) that would result in the measurements shown in Figure 2(b). Make sure that your circuit does NOT contain any transformers or dependent sources of any kind. Show your circuit explicitly in terms of electrical components i.e. in terms of independent sources, R, L, or C. (20 points) Problem 2: Refer to Figure 2 for this problem. a. With Z L = ∞ i.e. an open circuit, (1) compute the power factor of the im- pedance seen by the current source (2) compute the average power, the re- active power, Q, and the complex power, S, delivered by the current
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20095ee110_1_20095ee110_1_20095ee110_1_hw2 - EE 110, Fall...

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