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EE 110, Fall 2009, Homework #7, Due December 3, 2009 Problem 1: Consider the 2-port network shown in Figure 1. This is a reasonably general model of a transistor which is of central importance to modern circuit de- sign. Find the impedance (z-), admittance (y-), and hybrid (h-) parameters for this 2-port network. Note : Find each set of parameters from first principle i.e. do not use transformations from one set to another. (10 x 3 = 30 points) Problem 2: The following are the impedance parameters of a 2-port network. Identify one circuit that has these impedance parameters. 2 1 0 1 2 s s s s    (20 points) Problem 3: Two identical copies of a 2-port net- work are connected as shown in Figure 2. The 2 nd network is terminated by a 50 Ohm load as shown. The two-port network is a simple RC low
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