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8 - Chapter 8 Information Systems Control for Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 Information Systems Control for Systems Reliability Systems Learning Objectives Learning Describe four principles of systems reliability Describe Describe the major system control elements Describe common control policies and Describe procedures procedures SysTrust An AICPA service Developed in conjunction with the Canadian Institute Developed of Chartered Accountants (CICA) of Independently tests and verifies the reliability of a Independently system system Principles of System Reliability Availability System is available for operation at times set forth in service level System statements or agreements statements Users are able to enter, update, and retrieve data Security System is protected against unauthorized physical access System is protected against unauthorized logical access Integrity System processing is complete, accurate, timely, and authorized Accomplishes intended function in an unimpaired manner Maintainability System can be modified without affecting the other principles Resources are available to manage, schedule, document, and Resources communicate the changes communicate Evaluation Criteria The entity has defined, documented, and The communicated communicated Performance objectives (overall goals) Policies (formal direction for achieving the objectives) Standards (procedures to implement the policies) The entity uses procedures, people, software, data, The and infrastructure to achieve each principle and The entity monitors the system and takes action to The achieve compliance with the objectives, policies, and standards for each principle standards Input Validation Sequence check Field check Sign check Validity check Limit check Range check Reasonableness check Redundant data check Capacity check On-Line Data Entry Controls Field, limit, range, reasonableness, sign, validity, & redundant data checks User ID and passwords (change passwords often) Compatibility tests Data automatically generated by the system Prompting Preformatting Completeness check Closed-loop verification Transaction log Clear error messages Batch totals • Financial totals • • Hash totals Record count Not in Student Version R e gist e r For Even t Eve n t N a m e : Quart erly Speak er Luncheon Regist r a t ion Fe e : $ 3 5 * First N a m e: * La st N a m e : * Em a il: * Com pan y : * Tit le: * Address: * Cit y : * St a t e : TX * ZipCode : * Ph on e : Fa x : * M et h od of Pa ym e n t : Visa Cred it Ca rd No.: Ex pir a t ion Mont h : Jan Ex pir a t ion Yea r: 2007 N am e a s p rin t ed on Ca rd: Event Registration Confirm ation Print This Pa ge Dea r Jim : You have successfully registe red for the Qua rte rly Spe aker Luncheon. Please present this confirm at ion lett er at registration desk on the da y of event. Request Veget arian Lunch An email confirmation has been sent to you. Event & Re gistration I nform at ion as follow s: e xpirat ion m o nth and a ddress Online payment failed. Please click here to enter expiration month and address or you can contact us. You do not need to re­ regist er. Event Information Event Na m e: Quarterly Speaker Luncheon Event Date : MM/ DD/ 20 XX Event Tim e : 11: 30 ­ 1: 3 0 Locat ion: Metro Club Address: 500 Downtown Avenue City, State Zip Code : Houston, TX 77002 Registration Information Registration Dat e: MM/ DD/ 20XX Total Am ount: $ 3 5 Paym ent Option: MC Com m en t s: ( 500 charact ers or less) Confim ation No: JS47652 * Re qu ired Fie lds Submit Reset Not in Student Version Chapter 8 Exam Coverage Only the main points have been covered in class You are responsible for reading the rest of the You chapter, but ONLY to the bottom of page 308 chapter, END OF CHAPTER 8 END ...
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