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NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND SIDE OF THE WINTER 2007 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #2 -- IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE AN EXACT REPRESENTATION OF THE STUDY GUIDE YOU WILL RECEIVE LATER IN THIS SEMESTER. I AM MAKING IT AVAILABLE TO GIVE STUDENTS A SENSE OF HOW THE 2ND EXAM WILL LOOK. PLEASE BE ASSURED THAT THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL TERMS (AND EVEN SOME TERMS HERE THAT WON'T APPEAR). THE BOOKS USED IN WINTER 2007 WERE DIFFERENT EXCEPT FOR THE MCHUGH BOOK (THE EDITION OF KOTTAK WAS DIFFERENT BUT CONTENT OVERLAPS). Some important vocabulary: as with the last exam, just knowing definitions is only part of the story -- you should look at where they appear in the text and the lectures and know the story that surrounds them. For example, knowing who the Etoro are is part of what you need – you’ll also want to know what they teach us about gender and sexuality. Knowing about Gurung witches is cool, but you will want to know how they figure as supernatural enforcement of a particular moral ethos. Bilateral cross-cousin marriage
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