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ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS DFD Exercise The local community college requires that each student complete and submit an online registration request form located on the registrar’s office website. The request is entered into the automated registration processing system. First, the system checks the accounts receivable subsystem to ensure that no fees are owed from the previous semester. Next, the system checks the student transcript to ensure that the student has completed the prerequisites for each course requested. Then the system checks to see if the class is open (i.e., seats available). If it is, the student’s social security number is added to the class list. A computer screen displays the results of processing the registration request. If the student owes fees, a printed bill is sent and the registration is rejected (and indicated on the screen).
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Unformatted text preview: If prerequisites for a course are not fulfilled, that too is displayed on the screen and that course is not registered. If the class is full, the registration request is annotated with the message “course closed.” If a student is accepted into a class, then the day, time, and room are displayed next to the course number. Student fees and total tuition are computed and displayed on the screen. Student fee information is interfaced to the accounts receivable subsystem. When the online registration process has been completed, the student can request a printed report of the results. Course enrollment reports also are prepared for the instructors. Required: 1. Prepare a context diagram for the registration process. 2. Prepare two levels of data flow diagrams for the registration process....
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