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HOW TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT From the WebCT Student Help Feature WebCT assignments Question How do I turn in a WebCT assignment? Answer • From the student Home Page for the course, the student should click on the Assignment Drop- Box Icon. This may vary from instructor to instructor, but the concept will be "Assignment". • TO VIEW AND UPLOAD AN ASSIGNMENT: • Click the hyperlinked name of the assignment you want to submit. The assignment instruction screen appears. • To choose the file to upload, click Student files. The View/Upload Files for Assignment screen appears. • Click Upload. The Upload File for Assignment screen appears. • To locate the file, click Browse to open your local computer's browser. • Select the file by clicking on it. The Upload File for Assignment screen reappears with the name
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Unformatted text preview: of the file in the Filename text box. • To upload the file, click Upload. The View/Upload Files for Assignment screen appears again. • Click the Return to Assignment hyperlink. The Assignment Instruction screen reappears. TO SUBMIT AN ASSIGNMENT: To submit the assignment, click Submit Assignment. The submit Assignment screen appears. If the instructor has enabled WebCT's e-mail notification that your assignment was submitted successfully, the student will be able to type their e-mail address into the text box. If the instructor has not enabled the e-mail notification feature, this text box will not appear. Click Submit Assignment. A confirmation box appears asking you to confirm the procedure....
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