environmental engineering past paper 2004-5

environmental engineering past paper 2004-5 - THE...

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Unformatted text preview: THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING: LEVEL; I )EXAMINATION DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (Environmental Engineering) (May 31, 2004) (CIVL 1005) TIME: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm (2 hours) Answer ALL questions Each question carries 4 marks; one mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. Use of Electronic Calculators: Candidates may use any calculator which fulfils the following criteria: (a) (b) (0) (d) it should be self-contained, silent, battery-operated and pocket-sized; it should have numeral-display facilities only and should be used only for the purpose of calculation; it should not have any printing device, alphanumeric keyboard, or graphic display; and it should not contain any recorded data or program. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure that the calculator operates satisfactorily and the candidate must record the name and type of the calculator on the front page of the examination scripts. Lists of permitted/prohibited calculators will not be made available to candidates for reference, and the onus will be on the candidate to ensure that the calculator used will not be in violation of the criteria listed above. The air quality standard for carbon monoxide based on an 8-hour measurement is 9.0 ppm, which is corresponding to which of the following values: (a) 10 mg/m3, (b) 11 mg/m3, (c) 12 mg/m3 or (d) 13 mg/m3. (Atomic weight: C 12; O 16) A room with volume 500 m3 has 50 smokers in it, each smoking two cigarettes per hour. An individual cigarette emits about 1.4 mg of formaldehyde (HCHO). Formaldehyde converts to carbon dioxide with a reaction rate coefficient of K = 0.40/hr. Fresh air enters the room at the rate of 1000 m3/hr, and stale air leaves at the same rate. Assuming complete mixing, what is the steady state concentration of formaldehyde in the air at 25°C: (a) 0.080 ppm, (b) 0.085 ppm, (c) 0.090 ppm, or (d) 0.095 ppm. (Atomic weight: C 12; O 16; H 1) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are known to cause the depletion of stratospheric ozone. They had been widely used in numerous industrial applications due to certain physicochemical properties until the recent decade. Which of the following descriptions of CFCs is false: (a) nontoxic, (b) water soluble, (c) nonflammable, or (d) nonreactive. Living organisms in nature store food in cells in the form of polysaccharides, of which starch is the most abundant in plants and glycogen in animals. Polysaccharides have the chemical formula of (C6H1005)n, where n is the number of repeated units. Based on this chemical formula, what is the closest estimate of theoretical oxygen demand for each gram of starch: (a) 100 g, (b) 150 g, (c) 200 g, or (d) 250 g. l 10. ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Cryptosporidz'um was on the headline of newspapers all over the world in 2000. It was found in Sydney’s drinking water supply a few months before the 2000 Olympics Games, causing a serious concern worldwide. Cryptosporidium is a: (a) virus, (b) bacterium, (c) protozoan, or (d) helminth. The BOD reaction rate constant, k (natural log basis), and BODs/COD ratio of a typical municipal wastewater are approximately: (a) 0.5 day"1 and 0.5, (b) 0.5 day'1 and 0.2, (c) 0.2 day" and 0.5, or (d) 0.2 day'1 and 0.1. Ammonia (NH3) dissolves in water forming NH4Jr and OH'. The equilibrium constant for this reaction is 1.82 x 105. In order to remove NH4+ from water by stripping, the pH of the water has to be adjusted. At Which of the following pH levels that over 99.8% of NH4Jr becomes NH3: (a) 10.5, (b) 11, (c) 11.5, or (d) 12. E. coli is the key indicator for bacterial pollution. Which one of the following descriptions E. coli is false: (a) it is a good indicator of sewage pollution, (b) it is a serious pathogen, (c) it has a relatively high survival rate in natural environment, or (d) its analytical method has well been established. Activated sludge is (a) physical wastewater treatment, (b) chemical wastewater treatment process, (c) biological wastewater treatment process, or (d) wastewater treatment reagent. Disinfection is the final treatment process in many water treatment plants. Although chlorination is the most commonly used, there are many other disinfection processes being used. Identify the process in the following which is not a disinfection process: (a) ozonation , (b) reverse osmosis, (c) activated carbon, or ((1) UV irradiation. A sample of groundwater has 100 mg/L of Ca2+ and 10 mg/L of Mg“. (Atomic weights: Ca 40.1; Mg 24.3; C 12; O 16). What are the hardness expressed in meq/L and mg/L as CaC03: (a) 5.8 meq/L and 291 mg/L; (b) 2.9 meq/L and 291 mg/L; (0) 5.8 meq/L and 146 mg/L; or (d) 2.9 meq/L and 146 mg/L. Which one of the following descriptions for a secondary sewage treatment plant is false: (a) suspended solids in the sewage accounted for over 1/3 of total BOD, (b) solids removed from the primary settling tank are mostly biomass, (c) sludge handling and disposal are as expensive as BOD reduction, or (d) chlorination of treated effluent is not required in Hong Kong. Which one of the following descriptions of anaerobic sludge digestion is false: (a) it produces only methane and no carbon dioxide, (b) the biogas produced may be used to generate electricity, (0) the digestion process may take weeks to complete, or (d) the digested sludge requires further treatment before incineration or landfilling. Activated carbon is an effective adsorbent due to its vast surface area. Each gram of activated carbon typically has a surface area of about: (a) 10 m2, (b) 100 m2, (0) 1,000 m2, or (d) 10,000 m2. What is the major constituent in the acid rain: (a) carboxylic acid, (b) hydrochloric acid, (0) nitric acid, or (d) sulfuric acid. Which one of the following descriptions on the effect of acid rain is false: (a) corrosion of metals, (b) eutrophication of lakes, (0) damage of crop yield, or (d) leaching of toxic metals from soil. Which of the following air pollutants is not involved in the photochemical reactions of forming smog: (a) ozone, (b) nitrogen oxides, (c) volatile organic chemicals, or (d) asbestos. Photocopying machines may produce which of the following air pollutants: (a) carbon monoxide, (b) carbon dioxide, (0) nitrogen oxides, or (d) ozone. The overall air quality may be represented by the Air Pollution Index (API), which is announced daily by the Environmental Protection Department through news media. An API of 95 means the air quality is (a) moderate, (b) unhealthy, (c) very unhealthy, or (d) hazardous. Which of the following statements is most likely to be false: (a) building ventilation and air conditioning are two different indoor environment engineering systems, (b) indoor air quality can be more significant than outdoor air quality in terms of impact on our health, 2 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. (c) ventilation is just about supplying fresh outdoor air into a building, or (d) indoor air quality in offices affects to the productivity of workers. Accumulation of radon is one of the most publicized indoor air pollution problems in some areas. Radon and its radioactive daughters are known carcinogens and may be the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Among the following radioactive elements formed as radon decays which one causes the greatest lung damage: (a) uranium, (b) radium, (c) polonium, or (d) lead. Skies are generally clear when a high pressure zone arrives. Which of the following related statements is false: (a) temperature tends to increase as high pressure air sink to the land surface, (b) relative humidity tends to decrease as high pressure air sink to the land surface, (0) heavy rain accompanied by the arrival of high pressure tends to clean up the surface air, or (d) the arrival of high pressure causes vertical air movement. Cyclone is a very cost effective device for air pollution control. Its efficiency is relatively independent of: (a) particle size, (b) temperature, (c) particle density, or (d) air velocity. Which of the following greenhouse gases has the highest radioactive forcing (as measured in W/mz): (a) methane, (b) carbon dioxide, (c) halocarbons, or (d) nitrous oxide. There are four sources of noise with respective levels of 68, 75, 79 and 84 db. What is the combined level of these four noises: (a) 86 db, (b) 93 db, (c) 153 db, or (d) 223 db. - END OF PAPER - ...
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environmental engineering past paper 2004-5 - THE...

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