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EXPERIMENT 1 ERROR AND UNCERTENTY WangRan Thomas 09332004 Team members (team 1): Max Lori Jim Sky Vivian Sapphire Chao Date: April 4 th , 2010 Temperature: 19.5 o C Humidity: 73.5% X PROBLEM DISCRIPTION X Use some basic measuring tools to do some measurement about basic physics quantities, including length and mass. We'd measured the thickness of a metal piece, the diameter of a metal wire which has nonuniform diameter, the density of an aluminium cup, the non- uniformity of a steel ruler. When we are measuring the density of the aluminium cup, we measured the internal diameter, external diameter, depth, height and the mass. Then use this date to figure out the volume of the cup and hence we can compute the density, average density, and standard derivation of density. After measuring these date, we're going to calculate the error and uncertainty. By this experiment, we can learn to use basic measuring tool ,the method to compute the error and uncertainty and the method to use slide caliper and micrometer caliper. X PREDICTION X Cause we are using equipments which are not so precise and due to the measure operate have some uncertainty, there can be error in the measured results. But the results should not have too much derivation. The calculation of uncertainty and error * relative error : *absolute error :
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* average : * standard error : * uncertainty : * non-uniformity: (Lmax and Lmin is the maximum and minimum distance between the two scales. L is the standard distance between two scales) X PROCEDURE X Part A measure the thickness of a metal piece 1) put the metal piece between gauge button and screw. Rotate the spiral shank and ratchet wheel, until the metal piece contact the two side of micrometer caliper closely. Lock the caliper and take away the metal piece. 2)
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PhysLab_S10_Thomas_Uncertainty_Error - EXPERIMENT 1 ERROR...

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