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PhysLab_S10_Sky_Thermistor Pinyin name: Tian Yunfan English name: Sky Date: 30/4/2010 Temperature: 21.5 °C  Humidity: 72% PROBLEM DESCRIPTION    This Lab investigates how to use the unbalanced  bridge to research the properties of thermistor. First,  know how the unbalanced bridge works. Second,  know how the electric resistance of metal conductor  changes   with   the   change   of   temperature.   Third,  know   the   relationship   between   the   resistance   of  thermistor and temperature. In lab, these problems were approached using  three   basic   scientific   methods.   First,   predictions  were made about the change of R Cu   (coefficient of  Cu resistance), R P   (P represents positive), R N   (N  means   negative).   Second,   the   R Cu ,   R P ,   R N   was  tested   and   recorded.   Finally,   the   results   were  analyzed and conclusions were made.
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temperature coefficient of resistance device, LCR  digital   bridge,   balance   bridge   (QJ23),   resistance  box. PREDICTION The essential question in this lab is how the R Cu R P , R N  changes as the temperature increases. This  can be best examined by sketching R Cu -versus-T,  R P -versus-T, and R N -versus-T graphs.         From these graphs, it was predicted that R Cu  and  R P  increase, but R N  decreases as the temperature  increase. The results of lab will be able to approve  or disprove this prediction because actual data will  be captured. PROCEDURE
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2010 for the course CIVIL ENGI 09332005 taught by Professor Kaiminshi during the Spring '10 term at Hong Kong Baptist University, China.

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PhysLab_S10_Sky_Thermistor - PhysLab_S10_Sky_Thermistor...

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