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PhysLab_S10_Sky_Oscillosco pe Pinyin name: Tian Yunfan English name: Sky Date: 23/4/2010 Temperature: 21 °C  Humidity: 61% PROBLEM DESCRIPTION     This Lab investigates the use of oscilloscope,  which a type of  electronic test instrument  that allows  signal   voltages   to   be   viewed,   usually   as   a   two- dimensional   graph   of   one   or   more   electrical  potential   differences   (vertical   axis)   plotted   as   a  function of time or of some other voltage (horizontal  axis). In lab, this problem was approached using  three basic scientific experiments.          First, observe and record the influence of different  switches   and   knob   switches   on   the   shape   and  stability of wave. Second, measure the amplitude of  AC signal. Third, measure the period and frequency  of AC signal. Fourth, observe the  lissajous figures
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Finally, observe and record the figures of Extension  Cord. The lab required use of a SS7802 oscilloscope,  GFC-8219A   Function   and   Signal   Generators,   AC  signal source, voltmeter, and Extension Cord. PREDICTION The essential question in this lab  is   how   to   use   the   oscilloscope.   The   basic  oscilloscope, as shown in the illustration, is typically  divided   into   four   sections,   the   display,   vertical 
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PhysLab_S10_Sky_ Oscilloscope - PhysLab_S10_Sky_Oscillosco...

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