Chapter 1 Psychology

Chapter 1 Psychology - Chapter 1 Section 1.1: -PSYCHOLOGY-...

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Chapter 1 Section 1.1: -PSYCHOLOGY- the study of the mind * a broad field with many specialties, but fundamentally psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. 1. includes not only mental processes but behaviors -covers both the INTERNAL mental processes (thinking, feeling, desiring) and EXTERNAL, observable behaviors (talking, smiling, running) 2. scientific component of psychology -based on objective, verifiable evidence Three ways of doing Psychology: 1. EXPERMIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGISTS (research psychologists): a. Smallest of the 3 groups b. Perform most of the research that creates new psychological knowledge c. Majority work at a college or university, where most also teach 2. TEACHERS OF PSYCHOLOGY a. Colleges and universities, where their assignments most often involve not only teaching but research and publication b. Can be found at community colleges and high schools, where their teaching load is higher because these institutions generally do NOT require research 3. APPLIED PSYCHOLOGISTS a. Uses the knowledge developed by experimental psychologists to tackle human problems, such as equipment design, personnel selection, and psychological treatment
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Chapter 1 Psychology - Chapter 1 Section 1.1: -PSYCHOLOGY-...

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