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Problem Set 4 Fa 2009 Due Thursday, October 15, 2009 1. A large vacuum tank, held at 66,400 Pa, sucks sea-level Standard Air through a con- verging nozzle with a throat diameter of 4 cm. Estimate the following: (a) The Mach number at the throat. (b) The temperature of the gas at the throat. (c) The mass Fow rate through the nozzle. 2. A converging/diverging nozzle has a throat area A =0 .25m 2 and is designed to carry a mass Fow rate of 25 kg/s. The temperature at the throat is 195 K and the Fow is choked (i.e., sonic). (a) Determine the pressure, density and velocity at the throat ( P , ρ and u ). (b) If the Mach number at the entrance is M 1 = 0.2 and the Mach number at the exit is M 2 = 2.0, determine the entrance and exit areas, A 1 and A 2 .
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Unformatted text preview: the system, P 1 and P 2 . (d) If a normal shock develops at the exit of the nozzle , determine the new exit pres-sure, P 2 . 3. A converging/diverging nozzle has an inlet-to-throat area ratio of 2.0 and an exit-to-throat area ratio of 4.0. Combustion products at a temperature T 1 = 2000 K are available to Fow through the nozzle, exiting into a Standard Atmosphere at sea level. The conditions at the throat are choked (i.e., M ∗ = 1 . 0). Assume γ = 1 . 4 and the gas constant is R = 287 . 05 m 2 /(s 2 K) for the combustion products. (a) Determine the temperature, pressure, density and velocity of the gas at the throat. (b) Determine the temperature, density and velocity of the gas at the exit. 4. Problem 4.36 in Anderson....
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