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MAE 3250 Analysis of Mechanical and Aerospace Structures Fall 2009 HW# 1, Due: 11:00 am, Monday, Sep. 7th 1. The following describes the state of stress at a point in a structural member in a given Cartesian coordinate system: 100 20 0 20 60 40 04 00 ⎡⎤ ⎢⎥ −− ⎣⎦ MPa Find the normal stress on a face described with the following unit vector: ˆˆ v 0.11i 0.35j 0.93k =++ % ˆ 2. The stress tensor at a point in a machine element with respect to a Cartesian coordinate system is given by the following matrix: MPa 30 40 0 40 20 10 0 10 50 a) Draw a cube showing the stress components on each coordinate face b) Determine the state of stress and
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