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MAE 3780 MECHATRONICS FALL 2009 SOLUTIONS: OPTIONAL DIODE PROBLEMS PROBLEMS: 1) Given: Determine which diodes are reversed biased and which are forward biased in the circuits (a), (b), and (c) shown below. Also determine the value of Vout assuming the offset diode model with V γ = 0.7V. Analysis: a) D2 and D4 are forward biased. D1 and D3 are reverse biased. v out = -5+0.7 = -4.3V b) D1 and D2 are reverse biased. D3 is forward biased. v out = -10+0.7 = -9.3V c) D1 is reverse biased. D2 is reverse biased.
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MAE 3780 MECHATRONICS FALL 2009 2) Given: The Zener diode voltage regulator below is required to hold the load voltage to 14V. Determine the range of load resistances R L , for which this regulation is possible. The spec sheet for the Zener diode states that it is rated at 14V, 5W. Analysis: Calculate minimum load resistance: Assume that all the source current goes to the load, and that the load voltage is regulated at the nominal value. Calculate the max current that can flow through the Zener without exceeding the power
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Optional_Diode_Problems_Solutions - MAE 3780 MECHATRONICS...

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