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zvs_plane_solution - Zero-voltage switching in a bridge...

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Unformatted text preview: Zero-voltage switching in a bridge r-rmft'gnrrtrimt. The figure below illustrates conditions in a certain switching converter during the zero-voltage switching transition of a half-bridge circuit. For I < D, tran- sistor Q2 conducts. At t : O. the resonant tank inductor current is 11(0) 2 — 1L0 < D. and the capacitor volt- age is “(0) = 0. Transistor Q2 is turned off at t : 0. and the negative tank inductor current is used to charge capacitors C and thereby increase the voltage v‘tt). If and when vjlt) reaches voltage Vb“ (at time t = ’t- > 0), then transistor Ql can be turned on without incurring switching loss. 1' but Fig. 3 Zero-voltage switching in a half—bridge circuit. Problem 2. During the switching transition in which Q2 turns off and Q1 turns on, the circuit reduces to the network illustrated above. (:1) Sketch the state plane diagram UL vs. v“) for the commutation interval 0 < r < ((3. Label salient features. (b) Determine the conditions for zerorvoltage switching, i.e.. solve your state-plane diagram to find an equation that guarantees tltat the peak EU) is greater than or equal to Vb“. (c) Determine the length of the commutation interval If. a) For 4M; uMMu‘l‘a‘lI'av-t iw‘lewalJ \HlQ, cti‘cu'cl reduces "l‘b llL L “9k velnllu-L Ire folarlil‘liefi 0-? + i <3th VS are ——- U“ L. ate) 3C j JAM) off-‘05! 3 ”lb Friar, 3J3 . , é s-lak f’lttwa. burl)" LL (0) I .— ILD "5139,6537; Sofis 'U‘S (a) 5 O Couvtler o\ocl¢ui&e le’l’ \lmw ’ \lbtts K 1 T Ibatsrt 1 \lbufa a Vac ‘U‘ xLo Ibo: : Thaw. 3L0 5 59- MS ‘— E52 LL. .. ...._ Qi— ...
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