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Indikator ekonomi - Naik Menguat 24 Gross National...

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Indikator ekonomi Naik / Turun US $ 1 Average Earning Naik Menguat 2 Balance of Payment Naik Menguat 3 Budget Deficit Turun Menguat 4 Business Inventories Turun Menguat 5 Capacity Utilization Naik Menguat 6 Car Sales Naik Menguat 7 Chicago PMI (Purchasing Management Index) Naik Menguat 8 Constuction Spending Naik Menguat 9 Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) Naik Menguat 10 Consumer Credit (CI) Naik Menguat 11 Consumer Price Index (CPI) Naik Menguat 12 Consumer Spending (Expenditure) Turun Menguat 13 Cost of Living Naik Menguat 14 Current Acount Turun Menguat 15 Corporate Profit Naik Menguat 16 Deflasi Naik Menguat 17 Discount Rate Naik Menguat 18 Durabel Goods Orders Naik Menguat 19 Econimic Monetary System (EMS) Naik Menguat 20 Factory Orders Naik Menguat 21 Federal Budget Naik Menguat 22 Federal Reserve Fund Naik Menguat 23 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
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Unformatted text preview: Naik Menguat 24 Gross National Product (GNP) Naik Menguat 25 Housing Start Naik Menguat 26 Industrial Productions Naik Menguat 27 Invisible Trade Turun Menguat 28 Jobless Claims Turun Menguat 29 Leading Indicator Naik Menguat 30 Money Supply (M1, M2, M3, M4) Naik Menguat 31 National Association Naik Menguat 32 (NAPM) Naik Menguat 33 Non Farm Payrolls Naik Menguat 34 Personal Expenditure Naik Menguat 35 Personal Income Turun Menguat 36 Prime Rate Naik Menguat 37 Product Price Index (PPI) Naik Menguat 38 Public Sector Debt Repayment Naik Menguat 39 Retail Sales Turun Menguat 40 Trade Balance Naik Menguat 41 Trade Devicit Turun Menguat 42 Trade Weighted Index Turun Menguat 43 Unemployment Rate Turun Menguat 44 Unit Labour Cost Naik Menguat 45 Value Added Tax Naik Menguat 46 Visible Trade Naik Menguat...
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Indikator ekonomi - Naik Menguat 24 Gross National...

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