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f oundation level 2 pr opr ietar y level 3 rules

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Unformatted text preview: levels: m ade 1.) F oundation level 2.) Pr opr ietar y level 3.) Rules level E E The Open Innovation Revolution Open innovation – “a fir m is not solely r eliant upon its ow n i nnovative r esour ces for new t echnology, pr oduct, or business d evelopment pur poses. Rather , t he fir m acquir es cr itical inputs t o innovation fr om outside sour ces.” sour E The Open Innovation Revolution F our r easons companies ar e incr easingly choosing to pur sue open innovation models: m odels: 1.) I mpor ting new ideas is a good w ay to 1.) multiply the building block s of innovation m ultiply 2.) Expor ting ideas is a good w ay to r aise cash 2.) and k eep talent a nd 3.) Expor ting ideas gives companies a w ay to 3.) m easur e an innovation’s r eal value and to a scer tain w hether fur ther investment is w ar r anted 4.) Expor ting and impor ting ideas helps 4.)...
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