Chapter 4

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 T he For ms of C or por ate Entr epr eneur ship E ntr Copyright (c) 2007 by Donald F. Kuratko All rights reserved. E Introduction E ntr epr eneur ship manifests in Entr companies in tw o w ays: companies Cor por ate Ventur ing – a ddition of new businesses to the cor por ation n ew Str ategic Entr epr eneur ship – h ighly consequential innovations that ar e a dopted in the fir m’s pur suit of competitive advantage competitive E Introduction Corporate Entrepreneurship Delineating Different Forms that Corporate Entrepreneurship Can Take Corporate Venturing • Internal corporate venturing • Cooperative corporate venturing • External corporate venturing • -corporate venture • capital Strategic Entrepreneurship • Strategic renewal • Sustained regeneration • Domain redefinition • Organizational rejuvenation • Business model reconstruction Eodes of Cor por ate Ventur ing M I nter nal cor por ate ventur ing – n ew b usinesses cr eated and ow ned by the cor por ation cor Cooper ative cor por ate ventur ing – n ew businesses ar e cr eated and ow ned by the cor por ation together w ith one or mor e exter nal development par tner s d evelopment Exter nal cor por ate ventur ing – n ew b usinesses ar e cr eated by par ties Corporate V...
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