Investing cor por ate funds into exter nal business

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Unformatted text preview: – d ir ectly investing cor por ate funds into exter nal business star tcor ups C hesbr ough’s fr amew or k for link ing Chesbr cor por ate ventur e capital investments w ith a company’s lar ger str ategic agenda can be sor ted into categor ies accor ding to: sor 1.) their objectives (str ategic or financial) 2.) the degr ee to w hich the new business 2.) b eing invested in (typically as a star t-up) has E Corporate Venturing F our pur e types of cor por ate ventur e capital investment: v entur 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) D r iving investments Enabling investments Emer gent investments Passive investments E E Strategic Entrepreneurship: Innovating in Pursuit of Competitive Advantage F or m of Str ategic E ntr epr ene ur Strategic Renewal Sustained Regeneration F ocus of the E ntr epr eneur ial I nitiative* Strategy of the firm Products offered by the firm or markets served by the firm T he E ntr epr eneur ial E vent Adoption of a new strategy Introduction of a new product into a pre-existing product category or introduction of an existing product into a new (to the firm) but pre-existing market Creation of new or reconfiguration of existing product categories or market space Enactment of a major, internally-focused innovation aimed at improving strategy implementation T ypical F r equency of the E ntr epr eneur ial E vent Low High Domain Redefinition New competitive space Low Organizational Rejuvenation Organization structure, processes, and/or capabilities of the firm Low-to-moderate Business Model Business model of the firm Design of a new or redesi...
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