Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Human Resources and the Human Entrepreneurial Organization: The Organizational Perspective The Copyright (c) 2007 by Donald F. Kuratko All rights reserved. E Understanding the HRM Function Human resource management is a set of tasks Human associated with: associated Acquiring Training Developing Motivating Organizing Maintaining …… …………….the employees of a company The Major Human Resource Management Functions E Internal Challenges: The Core HR Functions Functions Job Analysis HR Planning HR Information Systems Employee Recruitment Performance Appraisal Performance Training and Development Discipline Compensation The Major Human Resource Management Functions E External Challenges Influencing Core HR External Functions Functions Legal and Ethical Issues Global Challenges Labor Relations and Characteristics of the Labor Changing Work Force Changing Health and Safety Requirements Managerial Issues E Using Key Elements of the HRM System to Create an Entrepreneurial Environment Job Planning and Design: What are employees asked to do and how do we allow them room to show initiative? Recruitmen...
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