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Employees do not understand what management means

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Unformatted text preview: 2. 3. E 4. 5. by “being entrepreneurial on the job” by Believe it is possible to accomplish entrepreneurial Believe behavior in this company no matter how hard one tries behavior Perceive that they are personally capable of being Perceive entrepreneurial, then he/she is likely to be unmotivated. Alternatively, the employee may believe that it is possible to be entrepreneurial, but they see no linkage between doing so and how they are evaluated doing There is no formal appraisal or assessment of the There employee employee The performance appraisal criteria are unclear 15 reasons employees might not be motivate to act 15 not entrepreneurial on the job: entrepreneurial 6. The criteria on which employees are evaluated do not The explicitly include innovativeness, risk-taking and proactive efforts proactive 7. Other non-entrepreneurial criteria receive much more Other emphasis emphasis 8. The evaluations are done in an arbitrary or unfair The fashion fashion 9. Managers asking for one behavior, but actually Managers re...
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  • Spring '10
  • A.Lish
  • Human Resource Management, Human Entrepreneurial Organization, Entrepreneurial Work Environment, Planning HR Information Systems Employee Recruitment Performance Appraisal Performance Training and Development Discipline Compensation, entrepreneurial performance

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