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Managers asking for one behavior but actually

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Unformatted text preview: warding some quite different behavior rewarding 10. The employee believes the reward will be earned The regardless of the evaluation (e.g., everyone around here gets the same reward) gets E 15 reasons employees might not be motivate to act 15 not entrepreneurial on the job: entrepreneurial 11. There are ways to get a good evaluation without actually There doing entrepreneurial things (e.g., politicking). 12. The employee has come to find other ways to earn the 12. The reward without putting effort towards entrepreneurship (e.g., currying favor with the boss). 13. Rewards are being offered that are too small given the effort 13. Rewards that is required to push an entrepreneurial initiative through in the face of lots of internal resistance through 14. The type of reward being offered is not the one to which the The employee currently attaches the most importance employee 15. The reward is considered inequitable or unfair, possible The because of what the employee knows other people are receiving, especially when he/she thinks these other employees are performing to a lower standard. employees E E Approaches to Rewarding Employees: Creative Em...
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  • Spring '10
  • A.Lish
  • Human Resource Management, Human Entrepreneurial Organization, Entrepreneurial Work Environment, Planning HR Information Systems Employee Recruitment Performance Appraisal Performance Training and Development Discipline Compensation, entrepreneurial performance

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