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Unformatted text preview: tuition reimbursement, and other types of rewards. reimbursement, Additional guidelines for successful employee recognition Additional programs as defined by Kanter (1994) programs Principle 1: Emphasize success rather than failure. Managers tend to miss the positives if they are busily searching for the negatives. the Principle 2: Deliver recognition and reward in an open and publicized way. If not made public, recognition loses much of its impact and defeats much of the purpose for which it is provided. much Principle 3: Provide recognition in a personal and honest manner. Avoid providing recognition that is too ‘slick’ or overproduced, but also too cheap or superficial. cheap Principle 4: Tailor your recognition and reward to the unique needs of the people involved. Having many recognition and reward options will enable management to acknowledge accomplishment in ways appropriate to the particulars of a given situation, selecting from a larger menu of possibilities. larger E E Principle 5: Timing is crucial. Recognize contri...
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