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Unformatted text preview: t and Selection: Who do we hire to be entrepreneurial and how do we hire them? Creating an Entrepreneurial Work Environment Performance Appraisals: How do we guide, reinforce and help employees identify with entrepreneurial performance? Compensation and Rewards: How do we incentivize employees to be entrepreneurial, take ownership, and stay with the company? Training and Development: How do we help employees recognize their entrepreneurial potential and develop the skills to best capitalize on that potential? E Understanding the HRM Function A firm’s human resource management is more strategic in its firm’s strategic approach compared to the traditional personnel function approach HR practices are coordinated in a way that reflect: What is happening in the external competitive What environment environment A longer-term focus Ways in which the skills and behaviors of all Ways employees can be affected in a manner that supports and helps accomplish the overall strategies of the firm E Issues of Concern in the HRM area: Major Attraction and retention of quality employees Design of benefit and wage packages that Design motivate sustainable employee performance motivate Satisfying regulatory requirements Hire Fire Reward Promote Demote Transfer an employee E Creating the Work Environment “Corporate entrepreneurs cannot Corporate be assigned or appointed; they must be volunteers who bring a clear vision of what the want to create.” create.” E Creating the...
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  • Human Resource Management, Human Entrepreneurial Organization, Entrepreneurial Work Environment, Planning HR Information Systems Employee Recruitment Performance Appraisal Performance Training and Development Discipline Compensation, entrepreneurial performance

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