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And entrepreneurship hrm hrm policies consistent with

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Unformatted text preview: s Consistent with Entrepreneurial Behavior General Area Planning/Overall Job Design Practices Encouraging Entrepreneurship Reliance on formal planning Long-term orientation in planning and job design Implicit job analysis Jobs that are broad in scope Jobs with significant discretion Jobs that are less structured Integrative job design Results-oriented job design High employee involvement Reliance on external and internal sources for candidates Broad career paths Multiple career ladders General, implicit, less formalized selection criteria Extensive job socialization Open recruitment and selection procedures Recruitment and Selection E Policies and Entrepreneurship HRM HRM Policies Consistent with Entrepreneurial Behavior (Cont.) Training and Development Long-term, career orientation Training with broad applications Individualized training High employee participation Unsystematic training Emphasis on managerial skills High employee involvement Balanced individual-group orientation Emphasis on effectiveness over efficiency Result oriented (vs. Process) Based on subjective criteria...
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  • Spring '10
  • A.Lish
  • Human Resource Management, Human Entrepreneurial Organization, Entrepreneurial Work Environment, Planning HR Information Systems Employee Recruitment Performance Appraisal Performance Training and Development Discipline Compensation, entrepreneurial performance

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