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Unformatted text preview: Work Environment Management faces a challenge of creating a work Management environment that helps employees understand: understand: The kinds of entrepreneurial behaviors sought by the The organization organization Their own innate ability to act in an entrepreneurial Their fashion fashion The incentive for acting in an entrepreneurial fashion The and the disincentives for failing to do so HRM and the Paradox of Creative Abrasion “Creative abrasion calls for the development of Creative leadership styles that focus on first identifying and then incorporating polarized viewpoints. In doing so, the probabilities for unexpected juxtapositions are sharply increased, as are the levels of mutual understanding. The irony is that out of a process keyed on abrasiveness, a corporate culture of heightened sensitivity and harmony is achieved.” harmony E HRM and the Paradox of Creative Abrasion Examples of efforts to take advantage of abrasion: E Hiring people who are not like current staff Putting together inter-functional teams with members that Putting have very different backgrounds and orientations have Challenging a team with two seemingly incompatible goals Introducing a perspective that threatens the positions and Introducing assumptions of those in the group assumptions Blurring responsibilities between departments or functions Bringing in consultants, staff, or speakers who hold very Bringing different points of view different E Policies and Entrepreneurship HRM HRM Policie...
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