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Unformatted text preview: butions throughout a project. Reward contributions close to the time an achievement is realized. Be sure people understand why they receive awards and the criteria used to determine rewards. criteria Principle 6: Avoid their perception that the awards are being given in a manner that is paternalistic, and that seems random and casual. manner Principle 7: Strive for a clear, unambiguous and well-communicated connection between accomplishments and rewards. Be sure people understand why they receive awards and the criteria used to determine awards. awards. Principle 8: Follow up on the recognition or award. Reinforce it in meetings, in newsletters, at end of the year meetings, an in employee annual reviews. annual Principle 9: Recognize recognition. That is, recognize people who E Subordinates’ View of the Entrepreneurial Manager Key Entrepreneurial Manager Behaviors Efficiently gets proposed actions through red tape and into practice; Displays enthusiasm for acquiring skills; Quickly changes course of action when results are not being achieved; Encourages others to take the initiative for their own ideas; Inspires others to think about their work in new and stimulating ways; Devotes time to helping others find ways to improve products and Devotes services; services; Goes to bat for good ideas of others; Boldly moves ahead with a promising new approach when others might Boldly be more cautious; be Vividly describes how things could be in the future and what is needed Vividly to get there; to Gets people to rally together to meet a challenge;...
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