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2000 attempted to d iscer n the r elative r eliance

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Unformatted text preview: scer n the r elative r eliance on t he tr igger s identified in T able 15.3 Senior executives w er e ask ed to i dentify up to 5 entr epr eneur ial i nitiatives that has been pur sued Managing the Triggering Events A total of 82 entr epr eneur ial i nitiatives w er e identified. I nter nal factor s w er e sur pr isingly p r evalent among the most f r equently mentioned tr igger s: Employee initiative A str ategic pr ogr am A new gr ow th tar get A new mar k eting initiative Public r elations/image E Managing the Triggering Events E T he pr incipal exter nal t r igger s w er e: specific customer r equest competitor thr eat change in people’s lifestyles change or expectations or Managing the Triggering Events By studying the tr igger ing E p r ocess in their or ganizations, m anager s can gain insights r egar ding the tr igger s to be emphasized under a given set of cir cumstances, how r esour ces a nd incentives should be a llocated to facilitate cer tain t r igger s, and w ays in w hich the or ganization should be str uctur ed so as to tak e E Creating a Sense of Urgency T he pr oblem is sustainable innovation – m ak ing innovation i nnovation h appen on an ongoing basis and t hr oughout the company. T he r eality is that employees ar e...
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