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Champions should look for w ays t o set or negotiate

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Unformatted text preview: for w ays t o set or negotiate the par ameter s u nder w hich the ventur e team oper ates T he T en Commandments of a E 2. 3. The 10 Commandments to be fi r ed. be C i r cumvent a ny or der s a i med a t Ci stoppi ng your dr ea m. stoppi D o a ny job needed to ma ke your p r oject wor k, r ega r dl ess of your job descr i pti on. j ob B ui l d a networ k of good peopl e Bui to a ssi st you. to 1. C ome to wor k ea ch da y wi l l i ng Come 4. E 1. 2. 3. 4. The 10 Commandments Wor k under gr ound a s l ongs a s you Wor ca n – publ i ci ty tr i gger s the cor por a te i mmune mecha ni sm. cor B e l oya l a nd tr uthful to your Be sponsor . sponsor R emember tha t i t i s ea si er to a sk for Remember for gi veness tha n for per mi ssi on. f or B e tr ue to your goa l s, but be Be r ea l i sti c a bout the wa ys to a chi eve them. t hem. E The Importance of Sponsors B elow ar e some questions to ask w hen Below attempting to identify a sponsor : a ttempting H as this per son been challenged and y et pr oceeded anyw ay? I s the per son w illing to...
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