Chapter 15

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15 Sustaining Sustaining E ntr epr eneur ial Per for mance in the 21st P er Centur y Or ganization C entur Copyright (c) 2007 by Donald F. Kuratko All rights reserved. E Introduction T he t r ue value of entr epr eneur ship a s a manager ial entr concept lies in the extent to w hich it helps or ganizations cr eate susta i na bl e competi ti ve a dva nta ge. While some companies str uggle to m uster even a minimal amount of entr epr eneur ial activity, a l l E Developing a Personal Approach to the Entrepreneurial Process T her e ar e cer tain pr inciples to w hich t he individual entr epr eneur or champion may alw ays w ant to a dher e: Sol i di fy a r el a ti onshi p wi th a Sol sponsor sponsor Bui l d a fl exi bl e tea m str uctur e I nsul a te the pr oject a nd keep i t qui et a s l ong a s possi bl e qui E Developing a Personal Approach to the Entrepreneurial Process P r omi se l ess but del i ver Pr mor e m or E xper i ment a nd pr oduce Exper ea r l y wi ns ea M a na ge pr oject momentum m omentum E 15.1 Table The Decis...
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