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Unformatted text preview: eneur ial 3. ego ego –A n over bear ing need for An contr ol contr –A sense of distr ust –A n over r iding desir e for An success success E Managing the Triggering Events T he tr igger p r ovides the impetus to tr b ehave entr epr eneur ially w hen other conditions ar e conducive to such behavior . F or example, it appear s that the p ositive r elationship betw een the entr epr eneur ial or ientation of a company its bottom-line p er for mance is especially str ong Managing the Triggering Events 5 k ey w ays for gr ouping tr igger s E I nter nal/exter nal sour ce Oppor tunity-dr iven/thr eatdr iven T echnology push/mar k et-pull T op-dow n/bottom-up Systematic or deliber ate Systematic Examples of “Triggering” Events for CE (Table 15.3) E Competitor thr eat or action D eclining mar k et shar e Senior management initiative Per sonal initiative on the par t of one or mor e employees Ver tical integr ation Rising costs Supplier r equests E Managing the Triggering Events One explor ator y sur vey dir ected a t a sample of 20 lar ge companies, M or r is et al. (2000) attempted to d i...
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