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Unformatted text preview: ios w ith var ious business models v ar 3. A bbr eviated str ategic life Abbr cycles cycles 4. C r eate “go-to-mar k et” Cr flexibility f lexibility E E Entrepreneurial Mindset The Framework Future Goals Change/Innovation Status Quo Possible Entrepren Satisfied eur manager Frustrate d manager Classic bureaucra t Perceived Perceived Capability to Achieve Achieve Blocked E Entrepreneurial & Strategic Actions T o cr eate w ealth, fir ms w ill need to establish link ages betw een entr epr eneur ial actions and str ategic a ctions w ithin 6 dominant domains: I nnovation N etw or k s I nter nationalization Or ganizational lear ning T op management team E Entrepreneurial & Strategic Actions al ri eu •I nnovation en •N etw or k s pr •Globalization re s Str ategic tn •L ear ning En tio Actions c •T op mgt. T eams A & gover nance •Gr ow th Wealth Creation E Entrepreneurial Firm: The A Dynamic Incubator Consider the findings of a r ecent study. R esear cher s examined 1,435 companies 1,435 t hat had been liste...
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