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Unformatted text preview: d among the 500 l ar gest any time since 1965. T hey sought to identify companies that w er e a ble to mak e a shift fr om good to gr eat p er for mance (defined as having gener ated cumulative shar eholder r etur ns gr eater than 3x the mar k et a ver age over 15 year s). Only 11 of the companies show ed a sustained and E Entrepreneurial Firm: The A Dynamic Incubator Por tfolio think ing i s about a str ategic b alance in w hich the fir m balances a m ix of objectives such as r isk vs. r etur n, income vs. gr ow th, and shor t vs. l ong ter m per for mance. 4 major por tfolios T he por tfolio of competencies T he por tfolio of r esour ces T he por tfolio of innovations T he por tfolio of ventur es and small E Conclusions Cor por ate entr epr eneur ship is not a fad , a nd it does not pr oduce n ot i nstant success. I t r equir es consider able time and i nvestment, and ther e must be continual r einfor cement. A sustainable entr epr eneur ial sustainable or ientation w ill dr ive E Final Thoughts T o Achieve Entr epr eneur ial E xcellence: Expect m or e tha n other s thi nk i s pr a cti ca l D a r e m or e tha n other s thi nk i s w i se Ri sk m or e tha n other s thi nk i s E Final Thoughts T he futur e belongs to t hose w ho d r eam, believe in, a nd p ur sue i n, entr epr eneur ial excellence! excellence!...
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