T he r eality is that employees ar e a lw ays capable

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Unformatted text preview: a lw ays capable of entr epr eneur ial behavior , but m ost of the time they and their b osses d o not per ceive the need E Creating a Sense of Urgency F ur ther , innovation is disr uptive, a nd manager s have a natur al t endency to exalt in past a ccomplishments and r eputation of the fir m. T he gr eat challenge for any company w ishing to achieve sustainable entr epr eneur ship is cr eating an ongoing sense of ECreating a Sense of Urgency M anagement must cr eate an envir onment w her e ur gency is felt a ll the time. U r gency in this context r efer s to a compelling sense that or ganizational sur vival depends on change. d epends Entr epr eneur ial companies instill i n their employees a bur ning d esir e to mak e things better . P eople demonstr ate a E the Company Have a Sense of Does Urgency? (Table 15.4) H ow big is the comfor t zone sur r ounding manager s at each level i n the or ganization? D oes the company measur e itself a gainst the best, but even mor e so a gainst itself? I f a customer complains or is not satisfied,...
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