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Unformatted text preview: 2010-2011 Work-Study/Student Employment ProceduresPosting Job OpeningsAll student job openings must be posted with the Office of Financial Aid. Jobs should be posted on the web board at http://web.bryant.edu/finaidjobs/. To get the position posted on the website, forward the information (via e-mail) about the position to Steve Winsor, who will do the actual placement of the ad on our website. Your job posting should include the department name, contact name, contact phone number, contact e-mail, job title, job description/qualifications (from the job list), hours, and any other information you feel pertinent. Students will be contacting you directly regarding the job. We request that once you have filled the position; to contact our office to remove the posting. (You may e-mail job postings to Steve (swinsor@bryant.edu) in the Office of Financial Aid.) Pre-Authorized StudentsIf you have indicated on your student employee list that previously employed students will be returning for the 2010-2011 academic year, you will not need to complete any additional documents for these students for the 2010-2011 academic year. Does the Student have Work-Study as part of his/her financial aid package?The Work-Study program provides opportunities for students who have financial need and who must earn a part of their educational expense. When hiring a new student, the first question that needs to be asked is if they have Work-Study (listed as Bryant University Student Employment on their financial aid award letter). You should check the most recent list of Work-Study students we provide to ensure that the students name is listed. Due to the large amount of Work-Study funds awarded, as well as the limited number of jobs on campus, ONLY students who have been given Bryant University Student Employment as part of their Financial Aid Award may be hired (with exceptions noted below). Students are permitted to hold only one primary job on campus, so be sure that the student you plan to hire is not working elsewhere on campus. For a small number of campus jobs, the skill-set required is of such a nature that it is difficult to find students qualified to handle the positionsin these cases, the Financial Aid office may issue a waiver of the requirement for work study as part of the students aid package.What is Work-Study/Student Employment?The Federal Work-Study Program provides opportunities for students who need financial aid to fund their college education. Although Work-Study is part of a students financial aid package, this amount does not get deducted from the students billing statement. The amount of Student Employment on a students financial aid package financial aid package, this amount does not get deducted from the students billing statement....
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2010-11_Student_Employment_Procedures - 2010-2011...

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