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eusa_2010_form - COURSE REQUIREMENT TBA – BUS 391 MGT 391...

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EUSA Course Agreement Summer 2010 ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: Student Name: __________________________________ ID Number: _______________ Major/Conc.: ________________ Minor: ___________________ Classification (circle one): 5 6 7 8 Cumulative G.P.A.:_______ Major/Conc. G.P.A.: _______ Minor G.P.A.:_______ INTERNSHIP: 3 credits based on major, concentration or minor electives available . Options for 391:___________________________________ COURSE: BUS 391, MGT 391 (Economics major, concentration, minor; open elective; liberal arts elective) Course:_______________________________ Be advised that it is the student’s responsibility to have this form completed in its entirety prior to departure. Academic Advisor Signature:_________________________________ Student Signature _________________________________Date:______________________
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Unformatted text preview: COURSE REQUIREMENT: TBA – BUS 391, MGT 391 INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT APPROVAL: ORGANIZATION: ____________________________________________ (Job Description Attached with site information provided by EUSA) Internship Coordinator Signature:________________________________________ Date:______________________________ Faculty Supervisor Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:______________________________ Department Chair Signature:_____________________________________________Date: _____________________________ Submit to the Academic Records Office no later than May 15. White – Undergraduate Advising Yellow –Career Services Pink – Faculty Supervisor...
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