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Grading Rubric for Essays and Papers Grade A B C D Unity (Purpose) Thesis is not only argumentative, but is also “surprising” or “risky” and responds to assignment clearly. Essay’s purpose is clear, shows strong plan of development and originality. All material on target in support of thesis . Makes one point and sticks to it. Thesis is argumentative, responds to assignment clearly and reflects author’s purpose Essay’s purpose is clear, but could use a little more originality and independent thought Good sense of material but point is spread too thin, maybe off Point a bit. Thesis is argumentative, but could respond to assignment and reflect author’s purpose more clearly Essay’s purpose is somewhat clear, but lacks originality and independent thought Barely hits the target in support of thesis, but does stick to a point. Thesis not argumentative and does not respond to assignment or reflect author’s purpose clearly Essay’s purpose is unclear
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