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Unformatted text preview: 10/3/2010 Noncredit ABE/ASE Draft English (Writing) CB 21 Rubric Noncredit/ABE/ASE English WRITING RUBRIC Englis h Writing Assignments Reading Voice Audience Organization Developmen t, and Thesis/ central idea Sentences and Vocabulary Mechanics and Grammar Resources English 1 A Source: IMPAC Documen t w/ minor revisions Transfer level Write a unified, well-developed essay, consisting of introduction, body, and conclusion, with an arguable thesis and persuasive support Use a variety of rhetorical strategies, which may include argument, analysis, textual analysis, comparison/contras t, and causal analysis. Analyze and evaluate a variety of primarily non- fiction texts for their rhetorical and technical merit, with consideration of the principles of unity, coherence, tone, persona, purpose, methods, and the effects on a target audience. Demonstrat e a sophisticate d awareness of audience using a consistent voice. Organize paragraphs into a logical sequence, developing the central idea of the essay to a logical conclusion. Employ a variety of sentence structures consistently, using college level diction. Proofread, and edit essays for public presentation so they exhibit no major syntactical errors in English grammar, usage, or punctuation. Find, read, analyze, interpret, use, synthesize and evaluate outside sources, including online information. Incorporate sources as appropriate. Use MLA or APA documentatio n format. Noncredit and ASE/ABE Rubric follows Noncredi t ABE/ASE English CB21 - A 1 level Write a non formulaic expository essay synthesizing multiple works of literature. Write persuasive Read level- appropriate literature, articles, etc. Identify different audiences and choose an appropriat e voice Use paragraph- level transitions. Apply proof- reading and editing skills. Select and Choose effective diction appropriate to college- preparatory composition....
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2010 for the course CLGT ECO 123 taught by Professor Hehe during the Winter '10 term at Imperial College.

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Noncredit_ASE_ABE_Writing_rubrics_Final - Noncredit ABE/ASE...

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