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Page 1 of 6 ENGLISH 102, SECTIONS 045 AND 407 3.3.57) "Madam, I will" (TN 4.1.65) Instructor: Benjamin Worth Email: [email protected] Office: AT 201J Office Phone: (606) 257-4872 ext. 4085 Hours: M 9-12 AM or by appointment Area Coordinator: Kathy Dickison Division Phone: (606) 257-4872 ext. 4002 Fax: (606) 323-6004 Course Description : Emphasis on development of fluent, precise, and versatile prose style. Continued instruction and practice in reading critically, thinking logically, responding to texts, developing research skills, writing substantial essays through systematic revision, addressing specific audiences, expressing ideas in standard and correct English. Prerequisite : ENG 101 or equivalent. (ENG 101 and ENG 102 may not be taken concurrently.) Note: Credit not available by special examination. Textbooks : Hacker, Diana. Rules for Writers 3rd. ed. Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet . Ed. J. A. Bryant, Jr. Signet Classic. Rev. Ed. ISBN 0-451-52686-4. Shakespeare. Twelfth Night . Ed. Herschel Baker. Signet Classic. Rev. Ed. ISBN 0-451-52676-7. Class web site: http://www.uky.edu/LCC/ENG/102 Method of Instruction : In English 102 you will develop critical reading and argumentative writing skills through the process of refining early drafts into improved final form. The course uses lectures, discussions, reading and writing assignments and peer reviews. Competencies and Objectives: The objectives of English 102 are for students to: 1. Advance critical reading skills; 2. Advance the practice of the writing process; 3. Improve the individual writing style; 4. Select and synthesize information and ideas effectively; 5. Incorporate audience, purpose, and organizational strategies in presenting researched writing; 6. Select, limit, and shape research topics; 7. To practice appropriate documentation of sources. In addition, the English 101 course addresses the following General Education Competencies: WRITING: To communicate effectively using standard written English. All faculty are expected to call attention to and penalize errors in English usage and require the rewriting of papers which do not meet acceptable standards. READING: To analyze, summarize and interpret a variety of reading materials. Students will read text book selections, assigned essays, and various prints sources to be used in a variety of research writing assignments. INTEGRATED LEARNING: To elaborate upon knowledge to create new thoughts, processes and/or products. Students will write essays and research papers, and participate in class discussions and peer review using what they have learned in various classes. CREATIVE THINKING: To elaborate upon knowledge to create new thoughts, processes and/or products. Students will use synthesis, analysis and evaluation skills to recombine information and observations from their work and other classes to generate essay topics, begin their research, and write their essays.
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102syllabus2000 - Page 1 of 6 ENGLISH 102 SECTIONS 045 AND...

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