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Grossmont College English 120 #5104: Reading/Composition Fall, 2007 Ellen Bernabei, Instructor Office: by appointment Email = musgrave2@cox.net Bernabei Voice Memo: call 644-7454, then 9, then 3620 . . . . . . . . . . Required Texts Patterns for College Writing by Kirszner & Mandell, 10th edition A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, 6th edition 1984 by George Orwell Course Description: English 120 provides instruction and practice in reading and writing of expository and argumentative essays. It emphasizes principles of organization, logical reasoning, paragraph development and research techniques. Reading selections will provide materials for discussion, topics for writing assignments and examples of effective writing. Course Objectives: 1. Students will write at least 5 essays of 500 words or more. Papers must be in #12 font size and double spaced. At least one essay will be written in class. 2. Students will become familiar with the rhetorical modes of essay writing and will utilize several of these organizational methods in their own writing this semester. 3. In preparation for good argumentation techniques, students will learn and be tested on inductive and deductive fallacies. 4. Students will write a research paper in the argument mode using MLA documentation (latest style only—a minimum of 2000 words or 8 full pages. 5. Students may maintain a Journal (extra credit)--one extended thought per entry--pertaining to essays and other readings assigned for class. This will total ten (10) journal entries, one per typed page (250 words per entry). This journal grade will replace your lowest essay grade. 1
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Grades: Based primarily on average of written work and quizzes. Heavier emphasis will be placed on essays and research paper. (continued) Essays = x2 Research paper = x3 Tests and quizzes = x1 Class participation and improvement in writing will also be considered. In order to progress well, you will need to keep posted on daily assignments and spend several hours each day on readings and written preparation. Attendance: Students may be absent twice without penalty unless an in-class writing assignment or test is missed. An absence thereafter may result in "dropped" status from course at the discretion of instructor. Student Responsibilities:
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120 Fall'07 course desc - 1 Grossmont College English 120...

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