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Eng 2121 (Spring09) Syllabus

Eng 2121 (Spring09) Syllabus - Spring Semester 2009...

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Spring Semester, 2009 Syllabus: English 2121 (Section 01—CRN 24019) Instructor: Dr. Ruth Caillouet Class Time and Place: Tues/Thurs 12:45-2:00; Technology T222 Contact Information : Office: A&S 210J; Phone: 678-466-4741 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:45-12:45 and 3:00-5:00 (or by appointment) Email: [email protected] Web Site: http://a-s.clayton.edu/langlit/faculty/Caillouet.htm Catalog Description: Credit 3 hours. A survey of important works of British Literature from the Old English period through the neoclassical age. This includes English literature from its roots in Anglo- Saxon through its development in Great Britain and its global development outside the United States through approximately 1800. Course Prerequisites: ENGL 1102 (C) Required Text: The Norton Anthology of English Literature , Eighth Edition, Volumes A, B, and C Course Outcomes: As a result of this course, students should: Be familiar with many of the major works in early English literature Understand developments in style and genre through the different periods Be able to discuss works with reference to their cultural contexts Be able to place this literature in a historical, literary, and social framework Improve critical reading skills Improve critical writing skills, especially literary analysis Appreciate and enjoy literature Course Goals: English 2121 is designed to advance the students’ skills in writing critical essays and to improve their analytical reading skills, including, but not limited to, training in some basic literary devices (i.e. genre, plot, characterization, etc.). Class discussion is intended to raise important themes and issues--those basic to a broad and liberal education--connecting many of these works, showing that thematic issues, while they may change on the surface, often remain basic in depth. This course will acquaint students with the major prose, poetry and drama of British literature and with the historical context from which they emerged. Content Outline: The course will provide a broad overview of English Literature, including works in a variety of genres from different time periods. Students will read, analyze, and discuss selected works of literature from early England through the neoclassical age. The course will emphasize reading literature critically and writing thoughtfully. Computer Requirement: Each CSU student is required to have ready access throughout the semester to a notebook computer that meets faculty-approved hardware and software requirements for the student's academic program. Students will sign a statement attesting to such access. Please go to http://itpchoice.clayton.edu/policy.htm f or further information on CSU's Official Notebook Computer Policy.
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Computer Skill Prerequisites: Able to use the Windows operating system Able to use Microsoft Word word processing Able to send and receive email using Outlook or Outlook Express Able to attach and retrieve attached files via email
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Eng 2121 (Spring09) Syllabus - Spring Semester 2009...

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