English 100 annual Report - 2006-2007 Year-End...

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Unformatted text preview: 2006-2007 Year-End ReportDivision of CommunicationsWritten Communication AssessmentThe intended student learning outcome for communication is that learners should (1) provide writing that is clear with a specific thesis and awareness of audience that fully develops examples to support the thesis in a logical and coherent manner; (2) demonstrate original thinking, depth of analysis, and comprehension of material used; and (3) show high proficiency in Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (Communications Skills Rubric)Division of CommunicationsThe Division of Communications offers courses in reading development, composition, creative writing, literature, journalism, broadcasting, and television production.English Department Mission StatementThe English Department prepares students to write and to think critically to meet the growing demands of the communications age. (Mission Statement approved at the December 2006 English Department Meeting.)A.A. in English Students who successfully complete the requirements of the English major will be able to write a research paper in a 200-level English course and demonstrate the following competencies:1.Appropriate topic focus, audience awareness, and stated purpose2.Comprehension of material cited and use of accurate documentation style3.Overall unity of development and depth of analysis4.Accurate mechanics, including diction, grammar, spelling, and punctuation5.And effective use of diverse rhetorical modes and of organizational techniques in paragraph and essay writingBecause of the low number of English majors in the recent past, the department decided not to assess the English major but to assess sections of English 100 instead. English 100: Introduction to CompositionBecause grammar skills are necessary for sentence, paragraph, and essay writing, the English faculty decided to assess grammar in English 100.Due to the large number of English 100 sections taught by a variety of English instructors, assessing this course has provided and should continue to provide useful data to improve learning in this course and ease the transition from English 100 to English 101....
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English 100 annual Report - 2006-2007 Year-End...

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