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To: Nandini Ramaswamy From: Department of English Date: 1 October 2009 Re: Assessment Findings Materials used in Assessment Senior Exit Surveys (Available in Department) 13 English 185 Essays (Available in Department) Overview of 185 Essay Requirements (Attached) Tabulation of scores based on individual assessments (Attached) Rating Rubric for 185 Essays (attached) Term Assessed: Spring 2009 Methodology Senior exit surveys completed by graduating seniors and discussed with department head. Surveys available to all faculty; results disseminated informally to faculty at faculty meetings. Surveys read by faculty charged with assessment and results summarized for this document. Selected EN 185 essays were read and scored independently using individual/departmental rubrics by two members of tenure line department faculty (read two to three essays apiece). Essays scored on a five point scale (see attached). Faculty met as a group to discuss scores and what they might tell us. Findings Surveys provide anecdotal evidence indicating high satisfaction with the undergraduate experience/major. Students indicate high levels of satisfaction with their choice of major, and laud the department/program for providing lots of support and activities. Only one graduating senior suggested that they would have chosen a different major, and that person would have chosen Creative Writing as opposed to English. We did receive some good suggestions about course sequencing and better support for those graduating. Scoring and discussions of the 185 essays suggests that the majority of students are meeting or exceeding expectations with respect to our chosen SLOs, but that there is some evidence to suggest that not all students are ready for the rigors of the English
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english - To: Nandini Ramaswamy From: Department of English...

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