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TOURO COLLEGE COURSE SYLLABUS NEW YORK SCHOOL OF CAREER AND APPLIED STUDIES DEPARTMENT: Languages and Literature COURSE TITLE: College Writing II COURSE NUMBER: GLL 122 PREREQUISITES: GLL 121 or Exam CREDIT HOURS: 4 DEVELOPERS: A. Budick, B. Coultas, J. Dardouni, and W. Lewis LAST UPDATE: January 12, 2004 COURSE DESCRIPTION Writing and rewriting critical and expository essays enables students to increase their ability to analyze texts and to convey the results of their analysis through the written word. In addition, this course introduces students to the research paper. COURSE/DEPARTMENTAL OBJECTIVES The goal of this course is to enable students to plan, write, rewrite, and edit, in standard English, essays of five or more paragraphs that communicate ideas with precision, clarity and coherence. After completing the course, students should feel competent to write discursive essays analyzing texts in detail . COURSE/INSTITUTIONAL OBJECTIVES This course aims to teach students how to read and write effectively, as well as how to think critically—skills necessary for the achievement of academic and professional success. These course objectives correlate significantly with two of the college’s most important institutional goals—to enhance students’ communication skills and critical thinking, and to foster students’ abilities to succeed both academically and professionally. COURSE CONTENT College Writing II may best be divided into four writing and reading components or modules. The following description of these modules should be regarded as a suggested outline, not as a rigid structure for the course. Instruction in grammar and style and the grammar workshop approach to individualized instruction may appropriately be used throughout the semester. Suggested writing assignments follow the description of the
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modules. It should be emphasized that, though the focus of this course is not on the writing research papers, students should be taught how to cite sources correctly in their essays. Doing so will be part of the exit examination. Module I - The Reaction Paper The reaction papers assigned during this module are a variation on the two-part structure taught in Introduction to College Writing. They have two purposes: they develop skill in reporting on what has been read; they enable the teacher to make a clear distinction between the summary, typical of the first part of a reaction paper, and the work of critical analysis that will be required in later essays. Students may be asked to: Read a poem (e.g., Langston Hughes's "Mother to Son") and determine in class what it says and how. Students write a brief reaction paper. Do the same with a short story (e.g., Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”). -5-
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