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Unformatted text preview: Northside High School—Mrs. Shawn Required Summer Reading Writing Scoring Guide Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment English 12 The following guide will be used throughout the year as criteria for evaluating your formal essays. This scoring guide reflects VWCC guidelines for evaluation as well the evaluation process used by the College Board in scoring Advanced Placement essays. The A Paper These well-written essays clearly identify substantial analytical aspects of the work or question studied, and they explain convincingly the significance of that focus to the work as a whole. These essays will be specific in their references to the text, cogent in their explanations, and free of plot summary or superficial references not relevant to the assigned focus. These essays will demonstrate the writer’s ability to examine texts in a critical manner with insight and understanding. These essays will be well organized and developed and will reflect mastery of grammar, mechanics, and usage. While these essays need not be without error, they exhibit the writer’s ability to analyze the work of literature, as well as the writer’s ability to control an appropriate range of the elements of effective composition. Elements of effective composition writer’s ability to control an appropriate range of the elements of effective composition....
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Summer_Reading_Scoring_Guide - Northside High School—Mrs...

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