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Ice water doesn’t just give you brain-freeze In class, we spoke about the idea that the 2 nd Law of Thermodynamics may lead to the end of every physical process (including life) in the Universe. I have been guilty of contributing to the eventual end of all things myself. Each morning before heading out to work, I take my heavily insulated thermos and fill it with 250 grams of ice at 0ºC and 1.5 liters of water at 20ºC. By the time I get to school, the ice has completely melted. Your task is to write a few paragraphs and some analytic calculations explaining just how awful my actions are. Be sure to answer the following questions… Define entropy and give an example of a physical process where the entropy increases and give an example where the entropy decreases. What does “The Entropy Death of the Universe” mean? This is sometimes referred to as “The Heat Death of the Universe”…why?
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