EnSci100 Exam 1 Review

EnSci100 Exam 1 Review - EnSci100Exam1Review /concepts(vs.=...

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EnSci100 Exam 1 Review You should understand the following terms/concepts: (“vs.” = known the difference between the terms) Ecology Sustainability Exponential growth Information needed to forecast population change (4 terms) Carrying capacity Limiting factors The basics of demographic transition The relationship between poverty and population growth The relationship between wealth and resource use (i.e. the IPAT model) Ways to limit population growth TFR The difference between a positive and a negative feedback loop Organism Nutrients Photosynthesis Primary producer Autotroph Lithosphere vs. hydrosphere vs. atmosphere vs. biosphere The 3 main macronutrients discussed in class Pool/reservoir Flux Source vs. sink The 3 types of plate boundaries Igneous vs. sedimentary vs. metamorphic rock Major reservoirs of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus
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EnSci100 Exam 1 Review - EnSci100Exam1Review /concepts(vs.=...

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